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Memorandum of cooperation with JSB "GARBAR-LEGAL"

Memorandum of cooperation with JSB

A memorandum of cooperation with GARBAR-LAW was signed yesterday at the National Academy of Management.

GARBAR-LEGAL is a law firm specializing in the protection of victims of war, defense of the military, seizure of property, changes to constituent documents, etc.

The cooperation will take the form of joint scientific, practical, and educational events to exchange experience between GARBAR-LAW and the Law School.

Mr. Garbar assured that he would make "every effort to help students learn how to defend justice through the methods of law, and this is possible through mutual communication and cooperation."

"When signing the memorandum, we focused on the practical training of students of the Law program," said Nataliia Veselovska, Dean of the Law Faculty, PhD, Associate Professor.