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On November 28, 2023, the National Academy of Management hosted an interdisciplinary roundtable discussion on "Juvenile Law of Ukraine: Challenges and Solutions" dedicated to the annual International Campaign "16 Days Against Violence".

The campaign has been supported by the international community since 1991. The campaign in Ukraine started on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and will last until December 10.

The organizer and moderator of the Interdisciplinary Roundtable was Natalia Veselovska, Dean of the Law Faculty of the National Academy of Management, PhD, Associate Professor. The roundtable was held within the framework of the educational process and the work of the Scientific Discussion Club "Own Investigation" (headed by PhD, Associate Professor Veselovska), the Student Scientific Club (problem group) "European Union Law" (headed by PhD Oliynyk) and is part of the research work "Legal Support of Public Relations in the Context of European Integration".

Diana Kozlovska's report was devoted to the emergence of "children's" law and juvenile justice, Petro-Victor Dyshko's - "Why it is important to improve legislation on children's rights", and Daria Kozindo's - "The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child".

The activities of the Council of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Management are presented in the project "The Book of the Council of Young Scientists of Ukraine: 2022. Unbreakable"!

The book highlights the work of the team of associations of young researchers who, during the difficult year of 2022, fully demonstrated their collective anti-fragility, found the opportunity to share the secrets of their resilience and active work.

The book is available here: http://surl.li/npctv

We work in Ukraine and for Ukraine!

On November 24, 2023, during a regular scientific and practical conference organized by the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University and the Ukrainian Association of Criminal Law, Professor Yurii Kurilyuk, Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law of the National Academy of Management, was awarded a diploma and a second degree award in the nomination "Criminology" for winning the competition of scientific papers dedicated to the memory of Professor Tatsii.

We congratulate the winner and wish him further scientific achievements for the benefit of the Academy and Ukraine.

At the All-Ukrainian competition of creative essays on legal topics, held by the Law Faculty of Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University and the NGO "European Alliance for Great Opportunities", the second-year applicant of the OP "Law" Dyshko P.-V. won with the topic "LEGAL SUPPORT FOR THE RELOCATION OF ENTERPRISES FROM THE AREAS WHERE MILITARY ACTIONS ARE WITNESSED AND / OR THERE IS A THREAT OF MILITARY ACTIONS".

On November 16, 2023, the Congress of Legal Scholars took place, which was dedicated to the election of a member of the High Council of Justice.
Two representatives were delegated from the Academy: Associate Professor Iryna Kozakova and Candidate of Economic Sciences Oleksii Braslavets.
Scientists have decided on a member of the High Council of Justice according to their quota, and it is Professor Oksana Kvasha, Academic Secretary of the V.M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law.
We are working to develop national legal science and practice.

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