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The problems of economics and management of national economy, economic security of national economy, innovation development, state innovation policy, science and technology policy and mechanisms of its implementation, information technologies and information protection, public administration mechanisms, the current state and prospects of accounting, analysis, auditing and taxation, modern marketing technologies in the context of globalization processes, legal problems of socio-economic

This Internet-conference was held with the assistance of the Scientific Society of Students, Postgraduate Students, Doctoral Students and Young Scientists of "National Academy of Management".

Dual Degree Programs

Today in the framework of cooperation with Akademia WSB (Poland) there was a discussion on double degree programs for students.

Opportunities of common programs will provide NAU graduates with significant competitive advantages on the labor market not only in Ukraine, but also in the European Union countries.

The photo shows Academy Rector Sergey Yerokhin with Akademia WSB Vice-Rector Rafal Pebilas.

On February 25, 2021 on the educational platform "4 PEOPLE" held an educational and practical meeting at which speakers in an interactive format shared their own research on the characteristics of innovation processes in education, business and culture in an era of change and digital transformation, spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of blended learning, the gamification of learning and development of creative industries.


An interesting retrospective review of the emergence and understanding of innovation and its promising trend from the Doctor of Economics, Professor Sergei Ierokhin. Taking part in the educational platform "4 PEOPLE" Sergey Ierokhin shared his own research and presented the world achievements of innovative research in science and practice.

You can watch the performance by link: https://www.facebook.com/educationalproject4people/videos/178532167111844/

Semester has started, and we offer you some useful tips to make studying easier for you.




If you don't have time to write your lectures after the teacher, ask permission to record the lecture on a tape recorder and rewrite it later without mistakes, omissions, or abbreviations.


Ask! Why students are often embarrassed to ask again. Although some like to argue. It is easier for the instructor to explain so that everyone understands correctly than for the whole group to make the same mistakes.


Personally, I explain until there is a special "light" in the eyes of the student, when it becomes clear that further he can already cope.

In general, do not be shy to ask: a teacher, a salesperson or a loved one. Often our "thinking for ourselves" leads to the wrong conclusions and results, and also takes a lot of time.


 Reread the lectures before going to bed. It really works!!! What you read before going to bed is better remembered, so read the lecture once or several times and go to sleep. In the morning you will remember most of the material.


 If you don't understand a lecture, some concept, and you need to pass this information, watch similar materials on YouTube, where there are videos with a very clear and concise explanation!!! Or vice versa - you can watch whole documentaries on the necessary topic. This is both enjoyable and useful.


Expand your circle of acquaintances and friends: seniors will advise you, give you free notebooks, books, and notes.


And most importantly - do not show the teacher that you do not need his knowledge: it shows you with not very civilized side. Adult people and teachers also do a lot of things that may not inspire them very much, but they come to you to share knowledge, skills and definitely want you to succeed in life!

On December 18 there was an open lecture of an employer-stakeholder for applicants to OP Finance, Banking and Insurance and Accounting and Taxation from the Chairman of the Forward bank Dr. Kiselev Andrey Vasilyevich. At the invitation of the guarantor of one of the OP in the study course "Credit Management" were identified trends in the banking system of Ukraine and presented the prospects for development.


We thank Andrey Kiselev for support and participation in the training of future specialists.

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