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Bachelor’s degree in marketing


Knowledge and understanding:

  • thorough knowledge of economic categories, laws, causal relationships that exist between economic processes & phenomena;
  • understanding of the theoretical framework related to the functioning of economic systems of different levels, micro-, macro-, regional, national and international economies;
  • a basic understanding of the spatial distribution of productive forces and parameters of the national economy integration into the system of global economic relations;
  • knowledge of methods and modern tools for performing economic, mathematical, econometric and statistical analysis in the field of marketing and marketing activities;
  • basic knowledge in the areas of management, finance & credit, insurance, accounting, audit, taxation system;
  • conceptual knowledge of philosophy, logic, cross-cultural communications, psychology and pedagogy, sociology, political science, political economy, law basics and business regulations, all contributing to the development of general culture and socialization of personality;
  • knowledge of the principles and approaches to developing pricing, product, marketing and communication policies at an enterprise;
  • understanding the organizational /economic mechanisms, and the methodology for delivering marketing research, measurement and forecasting of market demand, identifying consumers’ needs, as well as modelling their decision-making patterns;
  • knowledge of the principles of marketing activities planning, insights into the development of a company or product positioning programmes;
  • knowledge of market-based product pricing mechanisms;
  • knowledge of methods and tools for delivering advertising, presentations, promotions, exhibitions and fairs;
  • understanding the fundamentals of product sales, merchandising & marketing logistics;
  • insights into consumer behavior across different types of markets and methods of consumer psychology management;
  • understanding of the commodity market infrastructure and the basics of technological / manufacturing processes;
  • knowledge of at least 1 foreign language.

Application of knowledge and understanding:

  • the ability to apply academic knowledge of a range of marketing techniques, consumer behavior patterns, modern marketing tools in a professional setting;
  • the ability to practice marketing management skills and its efficiency evaluation methods;
  • organizational skills of planning and conducting a marketing research;
  • the ability to make relevant economic calculations to justify marketing activities effectiveness;
  • the ability to develop successful business communication: public speaking, negotiations, meetings, business correspondence, electronic communication;
  • project-related presentation skills (written, oral and visualized), in English specifically;
  • the ability to work with information in global computer networks and corporate information systems, applied software and information technologies in marketing activity.

Making judgments:

  • the ability to perceive general civilization achievements of world culture, science and technology, formation of a personal civil position as to market and democratic mechanisms of society development, understanding its causal relationships, and the ability to use them in professional and public activities;
  • adherence to the principles of socio-ethical and environmental marketing as the key drivers for progressive society development;
  • understanding of the need for honesty and transparency in all aspects of professional activity in the fields of marketing, public administration and corporate management, economics, business etc. to ensure the country’s sustainable economic development;
  • taking responsibility for own personal and professional development, as well as of subordinates and/or groups of persons;
  • the ability to apply methods of logical reasoning, analytical, innovative and critical thinking;
  • the formation of motivation for further independent lifelong learning.


Subjects and courses


Subjects and courses

  • History of Ukraine
  • Business Ukrainian
  • History of Ukrainian Culture
  • Religion Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Psychology and Pedagogic
  • Political Economy
  • English Language
  • Rhetoric
  • Logic
  • Political Economy
  • Allocation of Productive Forces    
  • Economic History
  • History of Economic Thought
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • The Economics of Enterprise
  • Marketing
  • National Economy
  • Labour Economics: Social and Industrial Relations    
  • Management
  • International Organizations
  • Marketing Distribution Policy
  • Marketing
  • Commodity Market Infrastructure
  • Marketing Product Policy
  • Industrial Marketing
  • The Theory of Money and Credit
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Services Marketing 
  • Merchandizing
  • Logistics
  • Marketing Research
  • International Marketing
  • Market Pricing
  • Marketing Communication Policy
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Analysis of Business Activity    
  • Finance
  • The Theory of Money and Credit
  • Banking System         
  • Enterprise Finance
  • Tax System
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • International Economics
  • Theory of Statistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Higher Mathematics
  • Optimization Methods and Models    
  • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 
  • Econometrics
  • Information and Computer Science
  • Information Systems and Technology in Marketing 
  • Law Theory    
  • Ethics: Moral Theory and Applied Ethics    
  • Business Legislation    
  • Financial Law
  • Tax Law
  • Banking Law
  • Life Safety
  • Ecology Basics
  • Occupational Safety

Course Papers:

  • Political Economy 
  • Enterprise Economics 
  • Business Activity Analysis    
  • Marketing Research
  •  Financial Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Logistics Management
  • International Management
  • Commodities Innovation Policy
  • Advertising Management
  • Commercial Activities of Intermediary Organizations
  • Internet Marketing
  • Media Planning
  • International Trade Contracts
  • Enterprise International Competitiveness Management
  • Brand Management
  • Personnel Marketing
  • Global Economy
  • Enterprise Innovative Development
  • Social Responsibility
  • Intellectual Property
  • Information Systems and Technology in Marketing
  • Research Methodology 
  • Master’s Degree Thesis


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