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A memorandum of cooperation with GARBAR-LAW was signed yesterday at the National Academy of Management.

GARBAR-LEGAL is a law firm specializing in the protection of victims of war, defense of the military, seizure of property, changes to constituent documents, etc.

The cooperation will take the form of joint scientific, practical, and educational events to exchange experience between GARBAR-LAW and the Law School.

Mr. Garbar assured that he would make "every effort to help students learn how to defend justice through the methods of law, and this is possible through mutual communication and cooperation."

"When signing the memorandum, we focused on the practical training of students of the Law program," said Nataliia Veselovska, Dean of the Law Faculty, PhD, Associate Professor.


Today, on April 19, 2023, an inter-university round table on the topic "Intrapersonal conflict: a crisis of harmonization or an impetus for the formation of personality?" was held, organized and moderated by the Dean of the Law Faculty of the National Academy of Management, PhD, Associate Professor Natalia Veselovska.

On 21.10.2022, the Academy, together with leading domestic and foreign educational institutions, held the International Scientific and Practical Conference of Applicants and Young Scientists "ACTUAL ISSUES OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT. CHALLENGES OF TODAY".


Applicants, graduate students and young scientists presented their research on current trends and prospects for the development of marketing management.
We are grateful to Lutsk National Technical University, which acted as a platform for the meeting and held this conference at the highest scientific and technical level not for the first time.

The materials of the ХIth International Scientific Internet-Conference "National security in the focus of challenges of globalization processes in economics" (7-8.12.2021,  Kiyv, Ukraine - Kosice. Slovakia) were published, in which the problems of economics and management of national economy, economic security of national economy, innovation development, state innovation policy, science and technology policy and mechanisms of its implementation, information technology and information protection, mechanisms of state management, modernization of the state economy, etc. were examined. This Internet conference is held with the assistance of the Scientific Society of Students and Postgraduate Students and the Council of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Management.


For convenient use and dissemination of the conference materials, they can be downloaded free of charge at: https://bit.ly/3fLisdf

We decided to celebrate our birthday in a special way. That's why we started the First International Scientific and Practical Online Conference "CULTURAL AND Artistic IMPERATIVES OF UKRAINE: SOCIOCULTURAL, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CALLS".

The importance of the Conference is testified by the fact that it is held with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, I.P. Kotlyarevsky Kharkiv National University of Arts, Institute of Modern Educational Technologies, NGO "Performers of academic music ACADEMUS" and scientists from leading HEE of Ukraine.

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