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Flower of the Academy

Marigold is the flower symbol of the National Academy of Management. It is well-known and is widely spread not only in Ukraine but all over the world. The flower of marigold was many times poetized in the songs and is an essential element of the Ukrainian folklore. People's love and respect to this flower is a vital constituent of the Ukrainian national character. This is why we have chosen marigold to be the symbol of the Academy.

The flower of marigold symbolizes, first of all, national and democratic principles of work in our institution, secondly, the ability of the Academy to move on, even under the most unfavorable conditions, and thirdly, marigold symbolizes the timeless youth and beauty that are so natural for studentship.

Brown, yellow, orange and red colors of the marigold petals are the colors of the National Academy of Management.

Academy's coat of arms Герб

Academy's coat of arms is realized in the shape of the traditional pentangular heraldic shield built on the flowing lines. Three semiabstract letters "N", "A" and "M" are placed in the centre of the shield. They are the first letters of the name - National Academy of Management. The centre of the composition is the image of the open book which symbolizes the source of knowledge. Two semiabstract crossed laurel branches are placed under the letters, at the bottom part of the shield. The banderol under the the shield runs "VITAE NON SCHOLAE DISCIMUS", that, translated from Latin, means "We are studying for life, not for school".

Academy's flag

Прапор Академії

National Academy of Management has its own flag performed in the orange and yellow colors with the Academy's coat of arms in its centre. In the Christian tradition yellow and orange are the colors of glory, nobility and dignity. Two equal stripes symbolize the most important elements of the Academy - our students and our staff. The equal width of the colored stripes symbolizes the stability of the National Academy of Management.

Marigold - the annual award of the Academy

Best lecturers and students that have made a significant contribution into the Academy's development are awarded by Marigold. It is the bronze statuette of a slender girl as if growing from the flower of marigold which is the averter of the National Academy of Management. This image goes back to the ancient Slavic perceptions of the communion of Man and Nature. The image of the flower-girl that is holding a bunch of marigolds in her raised hands symbolizes the national spirit, youth, creativity and inspiration - the key features of the National Academy of Management.

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