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National Academy of Management

Founded in 1992

National Academy of Management is a higher educational institution founded in 1992, based on the personnel of the renowned Kyiv Institute of Political Science and Social Management. Professor Oleksandr Anatoliyovych Kyrychenko, renowned scientist and public figure, served as the First President of the Academy. The first graduation was in 1995. Dozens of highly qualified Professors and Assistant Professors have been working full-time in the Academy since the beginning of its existence. Therefore, the best traditions in education of economic experts and executives continued. To date, the Academy has educated more than 20 thousand experts of the highest competence.

National academy of Management has the highest (IV) level of accreditation by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In 2002, the Academy received a high government award from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: Certificate of Merit for Extensive Contribution in Development of National Education and Science, Implementation of Innovative Educational Ideas and Contemporary Training Methods. 


The Academy educates Masters and Bachelors in such fields as:
Nowadays senior management of the Academy includes: Professor Sergii Arkadiyovych Ierokhin, Rector of the Academy, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor Honoris Causa of Brussels Free University of Business Sciences and Technologies; Professor Valerii Kostyantynovych Matviichuk, First Vice-Rector, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine; Professor Mykola Mykolayovych Yermoshenko, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Emeritus of Sciences and Technology of Ukraine. 
Today National Academy of Management is one of the best universities in Ukraine. The Academy is a modern and top-rated higher educational institution. TOP-200, a prominent rating of Ukrainian higher educational institutions provided by UNESCO Chair since 2007, has consistently placed the Academy among top 20% Ukrainian universities. In terms of educational quality, the Academy has been always among the top 10 higher educational institutions of Ukraine for all these years. In its educational model Academy combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills.  Our alumni occupy eminent positions in government, regional boards and private companies in Ukraine and abroad. 
The Academy became a notable cultural and educational center, a publisher of scientific periodicals with high level of international indexation and hundreds of textbooks and educational aids on all educational courses.. The Academy has officially registered periodicals: specialized scientific journals «Actual Problems of Economics» and «Juridical Science», Ukraine’s only youth magazine «I'm a Student». The Academy has been participating in the Ukrainian Standardized External Testing Initiative Legacy Alliance (USETI Alliance) of American Educational Boards in Ukraine for many years.
Highly professional and experienced educators fulfill the Mission of the Academy, which is to set the highest standards of educational and professional training of students, which are able to compete in the labor market. Educators of the Academy conduct scientific researches, identify new areas of scientific development, bring up and enhance personalities of students by using the education system, which is compliant with latest world standards. All departments are supervised by Doctors of Sciences, professors, who enjoy credibility and recognition in scientific and educational environment of Ukraine and serve as visiting professors in foreign universities. The  Academy successfully and efficiently combines credibility of experienced educators and creativity of young talents in the educational process.  
Tutor teaching system meets the needs of students in self-improvement and facilitates their further intellectual and professional development in every aspect. Students are always able to get help and advice on any academic and personal matters. Students are provided with residential facility, have opportunity to study at the military department and to go in for sports. 

  National Academy of  Management offers correct ratio between the cost and the level of education

At the National Academy of Management we are developing personalities of students respectively to the spirit of the times



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