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The system of higher education in Ukraine has a flexible structure, corresponds to modern trends and tendencies to those in advanced countries recognized by UNESCO and many other international organizations. Graduates of higher educational institutions who have outstanding inclinations for scientific-research work have an opportunity to continue their studies at the post-graduate and doctorate course.

National Academy of Management offers you accredited by The Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Ukraine Doctor of Science (D.Sc., Sc.D., S.D., Dr.Sc.) programms in Economics and Law. The Doctor of Science is of a higher standing than degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and is awarded for work that makes an original, substantial and distinguished contribution to knowledge  in a field with which the faculty is concerned. Work submitted for the degree normally comprises publications that have appeared in the forms of books or papers in scholarly journals that are then presented in the form of a thesis. The degree will give the applicant authoritative standing in that field  and the right to general recognition of this standing by scholars in the field.


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