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The Rector of the Academy, Professor Sergii Ierokhin

   Sergii Arkadiyovych Ierokhin, Rector of the National Academy of Management, earned a Doctor’s degree in Economic Sciences in the specialty of Economic Theory in 2005 and has been working as a Professor in Finance and Banking Department since 2007, Doctor of Business Administration of Universite libre des sciences de l'entreprise et des technologies de Bruxelles since 2009.
   In 1977, Ierokhin graduated from D.S. Korotchenko Kyiv Institute of National Economy in the specialty Planning of National Economy and, in 1982, completed postgraduate studies at the Institute of Economy of the NAS of Ukraine in the specialty Political Economy. Professor Ierokhin has served as the Rector of the National Academy of Management since September 1993. In 2013, has was re-elected for the next term (approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in their Letter No. 1/11-10361 dd. 20 June 2013). 
   In 1998, Professor Ierokhin was awarded by the President of Ukraine with Degree III Distinguished Service Order For Extensive Personal Contribution in Development of Education and Science in Ukraine. In 2003, Professor Ierokhin was awarded with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Certificate of Merit For Many Years of Diligent Labor and High Professionalism. In 2007, has was distinguished as Excellent Educator of Ukraine.
   Professor Ierokhin is engaged in extensive educational, scientific, public and publicist activities. He serves as the First Vice President of the Union of Businessmen and Lessees of Ukraine. A scientific monograph by S.A. Ierokhin «Structural Transformation of National Economy: Theoretical and Methodological Aspect» (2002) has become a considerable contribution in development of civilizational approach and application of synergetic methodology in analysis of market transformations in Ukraine. For many years, Professor Ierokhin has been authoring periodical scientific and publicist television programs «Topical Theme» at Kyiv TV channel. Professor Ierokhin provided scientific management for education of doctors and candidates of sciences in the specialty of Economy and Management of National Economy. He teaches the key educational courses in the Academy: Basics of Scientific Research, Global Economy, Strategic Management. Professor Ierokhin authored many scientific papers and textbooks.

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