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Why would one choose
National Academy of Management?

Why would one choose

1.  National Academy of Management is a prestigious educational institution. NAM diploma is a pass-ticket into the business circles. Among Academy's graduates one can find ministers, top state officials, successful businessmen, highly qualified professionals.

2.  National Academy of Management has the fourth (the highest) level of accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, therefore the Academy is eligible to diploma Bachelors and Masters in the fields of Economics and Law.

3.  The slogan of the Academy says "We are studying for life, not for school". The major task of the Academy is not only to make students ready for the independent work but also to give start to their successful careers in a chosen field. The Academy's graduates are very much competitive on the contemporary labour market both in UKraine and abroad. All of them are able to find fair jobs accorrding to their majors. The Employment & Career Promotion Center as well as NAM Alumni Association are always ready to help the graduates in the development of their careers.

4.  The Academy's diplomas are known all over the world. They are officially acknowledged by the governmental and educational institutions of the world leading countries: Germany, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia etc. Academy's graduates are easily employed abroad, both in private enterprises and government institutions, as well as in the international organizations.

5.  Judging by the contents of the academic programs and by the high scientific, methodological and technological level of teaching, NAM is a typically European educational institution. NAM academic programs not only meet the Ukrainian standards in education but they go much further by means of constant renovation of the academic programs' content. The peculiar features of the Academy's programs are their interdisciplinary nature, their flexibility, dynamics and ability to satisfy the demands of the today community and business world. Close relations with the representatives of the industrial, business and governmental circles have their positive influence upon the academic programs of NAM.

6.  Teaching at NAM is a well-balanced combination of theory and practice. But for the substantial background knowledge, the Academy pays special attention to the professional practical training of the students for the successful career start and further promotion of the future graduates.

7.  Students of the Academy have a unique ooportunity to go for several majors at a time, studying by the combined programs. Besides, students that have already their Bachelor's diplomas, may continue their studies at the Master's degree programs with the same major or may go for a second degree. Combined Economics & Law academic programs cover the contents of the bachelor's cycles in two different fields ( e.g., Finances and Law). Such approach allows easy changes in specialization in accordance to the demands in the professionals of certain kind in the context of the contemporary labour market.

8.  Highly qualified tutors and scientists are working at NAM. The overall majority of them have scientific degrees and academic titles; every fifth in our staff is a Professor. Each and every member of our faculty has been chosen basing not only on the deep professional knowledge and perfect teaching skills but also on the ability to understand the students' needs and demands as future professionals.

9.  A relatively small quantity of students falls onto one tutor in the Academy. This allows to pay much attention to the personal needs of each and every student. Friendly atmosphere and strong feeling of community are the supreme values of the Academy. There are no fake boders between students and faculty. Our students are always welcome in all the academic and staff departments.

10.  The Academy is proud of not only its teaching faculty but also of its academic staff, the representatives of which are always glad to help the students in everything. Individual consultations on various issues of academic and social life in the Academy are provided as well as the psychological support and various leisure activities. The community of the Academy is united by the strong feeling of mutual respect, deep love towards the Academy and awareness of our common interests.

11.  Academy is also a big publishing center. Dozens of academic textbooks and scientific literature are issued annualy. Besides that, the Academy is the publisher of such periodicals as "Actual Problems of Economics" and "I Am the Student".

12.  Information library system of the Academy meet the requirements of the contemporary world. Students have a broad choice of textbooks and other learning materials for all the courses. Additionally, e-books and the Academy's own cyberspace can be used for studies, first of all, for distance learning.

13.  Academy does everything to make the students' learning process effective and fruitful. Innovative technologies and individual approach to every student of the Academy are widely used by the faculty members and staff. We do everything to create perfect conditions for studies, social and cultural life, various sports activities.

14.  True spirit of studentship rules the Academy's world. Several theaters, clubs and art studios are actively working in the Academy. And our sports club has a broad choice of activities to go in for.

15.  Academy has a flexibile system of students' tution fees reduction and bursaries. Our principle is: the more you study - the less you pay.

16.  Academy maintains close relations with several universities abroad by means of joint research and academic programs, students' exchanges, various cultural and sports events in which both our students and faculty take part. NAM students and graduates have opportunities to study abroad on various postgraduate courses in the prestigious universities and colleges all over the world.

17.  Academy is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian undergraduate and postgraduate education having a reputation of a modern and initiative educational institution which is constantly updating and renovating its system and programs.

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