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“Migration & Law” – interdisciplinary scientific and practical journal on migration law and migration-related phenomena, including sociological, political, public administration.





National Academy of Management

Institute of Modern Educational Technologies

Founded: 2021

State registration certificate: series KВ No 24750-14690Р as of 10 March 2021

ISSN 2786-5185

Publication frequency: 6 times a year

Scientific profiles: Law, Politology, Sociology, Economy, Public Administration


Policies (Aim and Scope): dissemination of information and сreation of a scientific interdisciplinary platform for discussions among scientists, lawyers, governmental and non-governmental institutions with emphasis on legal aspects of migration, integrated border management, protection of rights and freedoms of migrants and internally displaced persons, migrants’ access to social welfare and assistance, formation and implementation of the States’ migration policy etc.


Submission and review procedure


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KURYLIUK Yurii – Editor-in-Chief,  DSc in Law (National Academy of Management)


Ukrainian Members of the Editorial Board:

  • BABIN Borys, DSc in Law (National Aviation University)
  • BIL Maryana, DSc in Econ., PhD in Public Adm. (Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine)
  • BORTNIK Nadiya, DSc in Law (Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding)
  • BRASLAVETS Oleksiy, PhD in Econ. (National Academy of Management)
  • KAMINSKA Nataliia, DSc in Law (Legislation Institute of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine)
  • KOLOMIYETS Natalia, DSc in Law (Chernihiv Polytechnic National University)
  • KOSTYNETS Valeriya, DSc in Econ. (National Academy of Management)
  • MALYNOVSKA Olena, DSc in Public Adm. (National Institute for Strategic Studies)
  • MYTROFANOV Igor, DSc in Law (Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University)
  • NIKIFORENKO Volodymyr, DSc in Law, PhD in Public Adm. (Administration of the State Border Guard Service)
  • OVCHAR Pavlo, DSc in Econ., PhD in Public Adm. (National Academy of Management)
  • OLIINYK Svitlana, PhD in Law (European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine)
  • POZDNIAKOVA-KYRBIATIEVA Ellina, DSc in Soc. (Khortytsia National Educational & Rehabilitation Academy)
  • POZNYAK Olexii, PhD in Econ. (Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies of the NAS of Ukraine)
  • POKATAEV Pavlo, DSc in Law, DSc in Public Adm. (Classical Private University)
  • RADZIVILL Оlexandr, PhD in Law (National Aviation University)
  • SITSINSKA Maya, DSc in Public Adm. (Leonid Yuzkov Khmelnytskyi University of Management and Law)
  • SHEVCHUK Olexandr, DSc in Polit. (National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine)
  • FILIPРOV Stanislav, DSc in Law (Bohdan Khmelnytskyi National Academy of the State Border Guard Service)
  • FILIPРOVA Victoria, DSc in Public Adm. (Kherson National Technical University)
  • ZHALILO Yaroslav, DSc in Econ. (National Institute for Strategic Studies);
  • ZOSKA Yana, DSc in Soc. (Mariupol State University)
  • YAGUNOV Dmytro, DSc in Polit., PhD in Public Adm. (Vasyl Stus Donetsk National)
  • YEROKHIN Serhiy, DSc in Econ. (National Academy of Management); 


International Members of the Editorial Board:

  • BERMEJO Rut, PhD in Polit. (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
  • BUČIŪNAS Gediminas, Dr in Law (Mykolas Romeris University and Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)
  • GÓRNY Agata, Dr hab. in Soc. (Warsaw University Center for Migration Studies, Poland)
  • VOLLMER Bastian, PhD in Soc. (Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany)
  • KRUESSMANN Thomas, Dr in Law (University of Kent, England)
  • MARQUES José, PhD in Soc. (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal)
  • TRAUNER Florian, DSc in Polit. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
  • FRANK Libor, PhD in Polit. (University of Defence, Czech Republic



  1. "Migration & Law" is a new thematic interdisciplinary scientific and practical journal, Kuryliuk Yurii
  2. Migration and migration policy in Ukraine: transformations of the age of independence, Malynovska Olena
  3. Influence of the quarantine within the prevention of COVID-19 on the migrants’ crime in Ukraine, Kalinina Alina
  4. Migration sentiments of Transcarpathian youth their preconditions, Varha Nataliia, Hvozdetska Bohdanna
  5. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine as subject to implement of state migration policy of Ukraine, Zolka Valentyn, Mota Andriy



  1. International cooperation as migration management instrument , Nikiforenko Volodymyr, Nguyen Anh
  2. International legal institute of readmission of persons, Oliinyk Svitlana
  3. Emigration moods of modern Ukrainians caused by economic problems and a sense of self-restraint (on survey data from the south of Ukraine),Chorna Viktoriia, Kalashnikova Liudmyla, Fesenko Arthur
  4. Changes the migration policy of the European Union (2015–2020): analysis some consequences, Osnach Oleksii
  5. Main directions of migration and tort liability reform (administrative and legal analysis of proposals to legislation), Goloborodko Denys



  1. Migration and climate change: political and legal aspect, Malynovska Olena
  2. Consequences of the modern migration policy of the European Union, Fіlіppova Vіktorіia, Lopushynskyi Ivan, Pliushch Ruslan
  3. Sociological dimension of migration processes in the modern Ukrainian society, Pozdniakova-Kyrbiatieva Ellina, Mosaiev Yurii
  4. Strengthening security and protection of the state border in conditions of a mass influx of migrants, Nikiforenko Volodymyr, Vikhtiuk Andriy
  5. Immigration enforcement and control policies in the eyes of irregular Ukrainians in the UK, Lapshyna Iryna, Chekh Myroslava



  1. Influence of migration processes on state economic security, Yerokhin Sergii, Negovska Julia
  2. Russian aggression as a factor of influence on global migration processes, Kuryliuk Yurii
  3. State border crossing points: economic-political challenges and hopes (a glance from outside), Buciunas Gediminas
  4. Migration and human trafficking in the conditions of armed conflict: relationship and consequences, Politova Anna
  5. Some approaches to increase the efficiency of the information & communication system of the state border service of Ukraine, Basarab Oleksandr, Basarab Olga



  1. Temporary protection: origin, evolution, essence, Malynovska Olena
  2. Forced migration under conditions of high social vulnerability of the population of Ukraine, Bil Mariana
  3. Migration and current issues of anti-trafficking in human beings related to armed aggression on the territory of Ukraine, Musatenko Vita, Smaglyuk Oleksandr
  4. Determining the dependence of the border control efficiency indicator on the state of functioning of the electronic communications system, Basarab Oleksandr, Basarab Olga
  5. Definition and classification of administrative offenses against the state border security, Ksenziuk Andrii



  1. Anti-crisis regulation of economic processes in conditions of mass migration, Kuryliuk Yurii
  2. Phenomenon of social adaptation of forced Ukrainian migrants in Eastern European countries: models, regulatory mechanisms, Bannikova Kateryna
  3. Criminal liability for migration fraud: national and international law, Kryshevych Olha, Roschyna Inna
  4. Genesis of constitutional and legal foundations of Ukraine’s cooperation with EU countries regarding displaced persons from Ukraine, Vasechko Volodymyr



  1. Characteristics of persons committing fraud against a foreigner or stateless person: international and national legislation, Kryshevych Olha
  2. Criminal liability for using a minor migrant for begging: national and international legislation, Roschyna Inna
  3. Migration of the population due to full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, Kolomiyets Natalia, Goletc Vitaliy
  4. Criminal responsibility as the only criterion of the real fight against human trafficking, Musatenko Vita
  5. Influence of migration processes on the spread of transnational legalization (money laundering) of crime, in the context of the subject of the offense, Kryvonos Daryna



  1. Legal protection against threats from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, Kuryliuk Yurii
  2. Legal regulation of temporary protection of displaced persons from Ukraine in the EU countries, Kalynovskyi Bohdan
  3. Service and combat activities of the State Border Service of Ukraine: invitation to discussion, Khalymon Serhii, Puzyryov Mykhailo
  4. Combating illegal migration by means of criminal law, Mytrofanov Ihor
  5. Criminal liability for official forgery when crossing the state border: national and international legislation, Melnyk Oleksandr
  6. Criminal liability for obtaining undue advantage by officials at the state border of Ukraine, Zadnichenko Serhii 
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